Dropping a Course to Balance School and Life

I feel like I have been challenged this semester in balancing life and school, or really just balancing my classes in general. I didn’t have too much of an issue at the beginning of the semester until I started a very advanced flex class. It was a Interactive Web Elements course where we were [...]
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NVC Runners Get into Fiesta Spirit

The Wildcat Cross Country running team represented NVC at the Fiesta Flambeau parade, running in front of 500,000 plus parade spectators. The run was the start of the parade and ran through the streets of downtown San Antonio. NVC was represented by eight runners. Omar Martinez finished first for the wildcats, then Briana Salazar, Rebecca [...]

Important Lesson to Learn

Being an older, non-traditional student, I needed to have flexibility with my schedule; so I decided to take most of my classes online. Online classes were much better for me because I was already disciplined to work from home with my job. It wasn’t a hard transition to take online classes and still meet [...]

Wildcats Represent at HEB Alamo Runfest

The NVC running team took on the H-E-B Alamo Runfest this past weekend – racing with 3000-plus other runners! NVC had three runners run the half marathon Jason Hunt was the first finisher, finishing in just under 1 hour and 42 minutes. He was third in his age group, 58th overall male out of almost [...]

Balancing Everything

Part of the challenges of college is that you are now an adult with more responsibilities. Many college students have to hold a job while going to school in order to pay for school and other bills. I had to figure out a way to balance school with working, family, heavy involvement at church, [...]

Being the Older One….on a School Field Trip

As I started back to school in August 2016, I tried hard to only take online classes. The intimidation that I had in being a non-traditional student had really set in my mind. However, there was one class that was not available online, so I had to take it at the campus. To my [...]

Don’t Worry About Other’s Success. Stay Focused

Going back to school can be a challenge for individuals who put school on hold to pursue other things. Most of the time we try and rush through our goals, looking to the future instead of dealing with current issues – especially when you look to social media and see others you went to [...]

Tackling Fear – Going Back to School Years Later

In August 1992, I was an 18-year old getting ready to start a new chapter as a freshman in college at UTSA. I was nervous, yet excited about seeking my independence and taking steps toward my goal of getting my degree. But life obstacles hit me, and I wound up not returning to school [...]

NVC Psychology Club Receives National Recognition for Event

Like most students, I wanted to be a part of something on campus and I finally decided to join the NVC Psi Beta chapter. Integrating yourself into a club for the first time is hard, but this was worth it; I walked into a tight-knit group who invited me in! For months before, some [...]
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