NVC Graduate Gets Ready for International CrossFit Games

NVC Graduate Goes to CrossFit Games
L to R: Jessica Aelvoet, Casey Viator, Gio Contreras, Joceline Marie Gonzales

On most days of the week, you can find Northwest Vista College graduate Giovanni “Gio” Contreras coaching classes at LoneStar CrossFit in San Antonio – motivating students to get through a tough workout, do a few more pushups, keep their back straight when doing squats or giving advice about nutrition.

Between coaching, finishing up his master’s degree in accounting from UTSA, and waiting on the birth of his first son, Gio and a team of three other people train for several hours a day with the goal of grabbing the top spot in the team division from the international CrossFit games in early August.

The LoneStar team was the only team that qualified from San Antonio to compete at the Reebok CrossFit Regionals recently. They snagged the coveted fourth spot out of five in order to get to the international competition in Madison, Wisconsin. Just 40 teams from all over the world will vie for the No. 1 spot. In addition to Gio, the LoneStar team consists of Jessica Aelvoet, Casey Viator and Joceline Marie Gonzales.

“I knew I would get here eventually. It has been one of my goals since I discovered CrossFit in 2013,” Contreras said, who’s also a U.S. Marine reservist and got hooked on the sport when he was stationed in Afghanistan in 2013.

NVC Graduate Goes to CrossFit Games

He’s accomplished this in just five years though it has come with a lot of determination after bouncing back from knee surgery, while also pursuing a higher education. Gio first attempted college in 2008, but didn’t take it seriously and joined the military. He chose to come back to Vista because of small class sizes and the campus environment. In 2015, he earned an associate degree in accounting.

It also helps that NVC is only four miles from LoneStar CrossFit, which attracts a lot students, faculty and staff to the facility. In 2016, Contreras qualified as an individual competitor to go to the CrossFit Regionals. He repeated this feat again this year, however, he said it’s much more fun to compete as a team.

When Gio and his teammates head to Madison, he will not only have his LoneStar family cheering him on, but much of the San Antonio CrossFit community and his fellow Wildcats at Northwest Vista College.

NVC Graduate Julien Mahler Opens Student-Run Clinic Along Border

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas is considered by many reporting agencies to be among the most uninsured regions in the nation.

Recently, NVC Alumnus Julien Mahler, class of 2012, along with a cohort of fellow medical students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine, spearheaded efforts to open the first student-run clinic in the region.

Located at Proyecto Desarrollo Humano in Penitas, Texas, the clinic aims to serve residents of nearby underserved colonias.

The clinic’s services will include free primary healthcare assistance such as screening for high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, general physical/health  and wellness  visits, vaccinations  and medications as well as minor injury care.

Read more here.


UTRGV students open clinic

From GED to NASA

FCR Team Template with 2 Patches
Paul (center right, wearing purple polo) worked with this group during Orion’s EFT-1 launch in December of 2014. He helped to prepare the control center architecture for launch and also wrote a program that flew on the spacecraft.

My name is Paul Hamilton and I was once sitting right where you’re at: at Northwest Vista College. Those days were tough, I remember. I was working full-time at a Chinese delivery restaurant making minimum wage just barely scraping by. Thankfully FAFSA came through and NVC was affordable!

I spent two-and-a-half years at that campus, starting in the spring of 2011. I took all of my basic prerequisites before I transferred to UTSA’s engineering college.

During my tiPaul Hamiltonme at NVC, Math Professor Dennis Gittinger and his College Algebra course really gave me the confidence to pursue engineering. I didn’t really have a “plan” so to speak but by the end of my first semester, having spent it with Dennis, I was convinced of my own potential and declared as a pre-engineering major. From there, I was accepted into the NVC’s MIM (Math-Intensive Majors) calculus program where I did Calculus I & II. This program helped me tremendously in preparing for the intense math that awaited me at the four-year university. I was fortunate to be a part of MIM and I greatly appreciate the dedication that NVC Professors Claudia Verdin and Manuel Escobar provided through the wonderful program
. Beyond that, I think it was the easy-going feel of NVC and the small classes that helped me the most in transitioning.

Transitioning to the university was tough for me but my time at NVC made that easier. I didn’t have the greatest GPA, or scholarships, or anything really. I was just very ambitious when starting at UTSA and I made it a goal to shake hands with as many professionals as I could. I quickly made contacts in various research programs and volunteered my time to help them with their events to illustrate my work ethic and willingness to sacrifice my free time to better myself.

I did a few different research programs at UTSA, starting with the Transfer Academy for Tomorrow’s Engineers. This is an excellent summer bridge program that introduces STEM majors to higher order mathematics while also allowing them real research experience (which is excellent to have on your résumé). That program helped me get familiar with the campus and the faculty during the two-week in-class portion of the program. From there I continued networking and volunteering my time until I received a job as a tour guide at UTSA. I continued applying for as many programs as I could, with little luck. I was finally accepted into the LSAMP research program where I spent one semester working with one of the doctors at UTSA. That program was very good to me and ultimately took me to Florence, Italy, for the whole summer in 2014, all expenses paid. When I returned from Italy, I continued taking classes while also participating in UTSA’s Air Force ROTC detachment as a contracted cadet.

I half-heartedly applied to NASA’s Pathways program in the fall without the expectation of even receiving a phone call back. To my surprise, I was accepted into NASA’s Pathways program and spent the better part of two years, intermittently, working for the agency. And I am so thankful and humbled to say that just three weeks ago I was offered a full-time position with NASA’s Johnson Space Center. All this to say, it doesn’t happen overnight. And, it’s not easy. It’s just not! But that’s something that makes it worth the time and the struggle to get there. And I promise you that if I can do it, so can you.

I made it out of a minimum wage job and a GED program to one of the premier engineering entities in the world. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. Make up your mind that you’re not going to hit that snooze button, then roll out of bed and make it the best day you can! Consider how privileged you are compared with some of the other people around the world. Humble yourself and network. Smile and shake hands, even if it feels awkward. It gets easier. You’ll meet a lot of great people throughout community college and the university you choose to attend. Keep in touch and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You choose the life you lead. Choose carefully!

– Paul Hamilton

Note: Paul received his associates in pre-engineering from NVC in the spring of 2013. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Engineering at UTSA and will start with NASA as an engineer when he graduates in May. As an undergrad student, Paul was able to join the NASA Pathways program, which offers federal employment for students and and graduates.

Orion MC Action Team

NVC Alumna Interviews Hillary Clinton

NVC Aluma, Arantxa Loizaga, recently held an exclusive one-on-one interview with 2016 presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her campaign stop in San Antonio to launch ‘Latinos for Hillary.’

The interview, aired nationally on the Univision Network on Oct. 18, and covered issues such as female equality in America, Latinos in politics and what Clinton loves most about San Antonio.

Arantxa is the weekend co-anchor for “Noticero Univision” which airs nationally.  She is a 2007 graduate of Northwest Vista College who earned an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Communications.

Watch the video in Spanish here:


Or you can read a transcript of her exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton here in English:


And Spanish:


Hillary Clinton Interview