New Semester Tips

When beginning a new semester, it’s important to establish a positive mindset. Although it may be dreadful and really stressful, it’s crucial to lay down the basis of wanting to learn and succeed.

I enjoy looking at the bright side of things. For example, school gets me back into a specific routine and makes me feel like I have my life together. It allows me to stay organized and keeps me busy so that way I prioritize important things.

At the beginning of each semester when I’m feeling down, I like to remind myself how much of a privilege education is because so many others don’t get the same opportunity. I included some tips below that may help when starting a new semester.

  • Stay organized- I like using my “reminders” app to remember assignments/exam dates etc. It’s so much easier and convenient to store things on your phone.
  • Set goals- All goals are valid, no matter how big or little. Make sure to set a few, it helps keep me grounded and focused.
  • Give yourself time- I know it’s really difficult not to procrastinate but school feels like a breath of fresh air when you don’t pile up a bunch of assignments before the due date. I like giving myself 3 days before the due date, not too soon or too late, it’s more like a meeting in the middle.

By NVC Student Haneen Rafati

3 Tips to Balance College & Work Life


As a returning college student, I have been struggling with figuring out how exactly to get through the semester with a 4.0 while still maintaining my home and work life.

The hardest part of this balancing act is keeping from drowning and giving up completely. I had a bit of a meltdown recently and that is when I decided to figure something out. The following tips are what I feel are the most helpful tips I have received from family, friends, and my experiences:

  • Organize, organize, organize – In order to keep your life together, it is imperative that you are organized. You should have a planner. Every week, write down all of the assignments, exams, quizzes, projects, etc. that are due that week and look at that planner EVERY day, twice a day. When you are organized with your school work, it is less likely that you will forget to complete something.
  • Make sure you give yourself at least one ENTIRE day off from everything – For me, this day is Saturday. Saturdays are my no-work, no-school, ALL PLAY days! I make sure that anything I have due on Saturday is completed a day in advance so I don’t have to log on, go in, or do anything for school or work. I use my Saturdays for relaxation and family.
  • Remind yourself every day that this is only temporary and it will all be worth it in the end. On the days when I feel like giving up or I am feeling guilty for not giving my daughter the attention she needs, I remind myself that this is only a temporary struggle. I think about the end of the road, when I am walking across the stage at graduation and seeing my daughter’s face smiling at me. I remind myself that I am doing this so she will be proud of me and so she can have everything she deserves in life.

We are all going to experience some sort of struggle in our college careers, but just remember – in order to get to the goal, you have to get through some struggles. That is what life is all about and that is how we become stronger in the end.

By NVC Student Christina Garcia