Important Lesson to Learn

Being an older, non-traditional student, I needed to have flexibility with my schedule; so I decided to take most of my classes online.

Online classes were much better for me because I was already disciplined to work from home with my job. It wasn’t a hard transition to take online classes and still meet deadlines and keep up with assignments.  However, one of my biggest mistakes was not understanding the difference between ACES email and Canvas email.

I had a strict Spanish teacher who would not accept late work no matter what.  We had a paper that we had to write, but we had to get her approval on the subject first.  Without her approval, she would not accept our work.  Well I emailed her through ACES and gave her my idea.  When I hadn’t heard back, I sent another email, and still no response.  With the due date getting closer, I went ahead and began working on my paper anyway so that I’d at least have it ready once she gave her approval.  I sent a third email and still didn’t get a response.  I finally just turned in the paper anyway.

I was shocked and angry when I received my grade for my paper.  Let me add that I missed out on a weekend trip with my family just to stay home and write this paper.  I received a ZERO!  She didn’t give me credit for the assignment because I didn’t get her approval.  I explained that I had emailed her several times.  Then she realized that I used my ACES email and didn’t go through Canvas.  I was so confused!  But I was also upset that she wouldn’t give me a break and realize it was a simple mistake and not that I didn’t do the work.  She stood by keeping the zero as my grade.  Five of us made that mistake, and we all received a zero.

From that point on, I have always used Canvas email for any communication between myself and professors or other students.  That was a huge lesson learned.  That one zero made me work really hard the rest of the semester, including extra credit.  I was able to get a high “B,” but I really should have had an “A” in that class.

By NVC Student Monica Lopez

Wildcats Represent at HEB Alamo Runfest

The NVC running team took on the H-E-B Alamo Runfest this past weekend – racing with 3000-plus other runners!

NVC had three runners run the half marathon

  • Jason Hunt was the first finisher, finishing in just under 1 hour and 42 minutes. He was third in his age group, 58th overall male out of almost 500 and 65th overall runners out of 1000 runners!
  • Omar Martinez followed closely behind, finishing in 1:42:26. He was 4th in his age group, 62nd overall male and 69th overall.
  • The lone female runner for the Wildcats was Briana Saldana! She finished in under two hours, at 1 hour and 55 minutes. She was fourth in her age group, 56th out of 500 female runners and 218th overall!

In the 10k, NVC had 8 total runners

  • Rebecca Castor was the Wildcats first finisher, finishing with a time of 51 minutes and 05 seconds. She was second in her age group, 12th overall female, and 47th overall out of 571 10k runners!
  • Linda Cabada was next placing 3rd in her age group with a time of 53 minutes, 23rd overall women and 71st overall!
  • Anna Alfaro was 3rd for the team, finishing well under 1hour, 4th in her age group and 38th overall female.
  • Beth Martinez came in three seconds behind Anna, placing second in her age group, 39th overall women and 97th overall.
  • Rounding out the 10k finishers were Robert Dreamkowski, Matthew Vasquez, Natalie Guevara, and Andrea Vazquez, all placing in the top half of 10k finishers.

In the 5k

  • Ryan Gutierrez was the only runner for the Wildcats, finishing 10th in his age group, 56th overall male and 71st out of 541 5k runners.

It was a great day to run and the Wildcats raced really well! Now the team starts preparing for the Fiesta Fandango 2.6-mile run where NVC will be represented in the Fiesta Fandango parade!


Contributed by NVC’s Cross Country Team Coach Staci Krueger

Northwest Vista: Knowledge and Skills for your Career

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Northwest Vista College

It is said that most people will go through seven careers in one lifetime Although this number of careers may not be accurate, I can say that I have had about three careers so far. In all of those endeavors, I have needed to acquire new skills and knowledge for each job.

Northwest Vista has been a constant source of education in my career choices. I have been attending this school on and off since the early 2000’s and, I must say, that it’s a great place to learn and to visit.
The campus is a calming place to sit down and contemplate life and studies. Yet, NVC inspires me to be more and learn more. Maybe it’s the buildings, the natural areas on site, the professors and staff, or just the fact that I’m learning something new. But, NVC is a place that will launch any student into greater career opportunities.


I returned to NVC this semester (Spring 2014) with the intention of obtaining a Web Design Certificate. There are two reasons for this choice:

 a)     I love technology. I not only work with technology in the customer-service industry on a daily basis, but I am the “go-to” guy amongst my family when it comes to technology-based questions and service.

b)    Web Design/Development is much needed today. Just do an online search for “Web Designer jobs” and you will find many available jobs in your area. There is no lack of employment if you have this skill. In fact, the Occupational Outlook Handbook predicted a 20% growth rate in the Web Design/Development field for job outlook through 2022. This is a faster than average growth rate. 

I am very excited to go through the Web Design program at NVC. I especially like the convenience of having either an internet-only class or a hybrid class choice. As a full-time professional, these types of classes make my learning experience manageable and convenient. Don’t get me wrong, the classes and materials are challenging; but it helps to be able to work on them around my schedule. Thanks NVC for being there throughout the years!
By NVC Student Joe Cortez