Dropping a Course to Balance School and Life

Online Summer Classes BannerI feel like I have been challenged this semester in balancing life and school, or really just balancing my classes in general.

I didn’t have too much of an issue at the beginning of the semester until I started a very advanced flex class. It was a Interactive Web Elements course where we were learning how to make WordPress templates from scratch.

I learned it was the straw that broke the camel’s back–like when you have a tower of cards, and everything is okay and nice until you put on that one card that makes the tower crumble. Maybe I’m being too dramatic – just a little.

But this class was very hard, and required a lot of my attention. Inevitably, I had to drop it this semester. I do feel a load off my shoulders…even if I do get a W and I felt bad about dropping my first class.

Dropping a class has also been a learning experience–I now know what I can and cannot handle. I would definitely love to take this class when I have more time to focus on it since it will be helpful for my career. Here are a couple things to remember, if you ever decide you want to take a flex course:

1. What kind of course is it? Is it advanced?
2. With your current classes, can you add on a fast-paced class?
3. Do you have the skillset to take this class or would it be best to wait until later?

Here’s to continuing to balance everything in my life, including my classes!

By NVC Student Sarah Hegstrom

College Life

Taking Online Summer Classes Provides Flexibility

With the summer semester at Northwest Vista College looming, the question that you always get is “so are you taking classes?” Whenever I hear this question, I always go through a range of emotions to whether or not I need a break, how fast I want to finish my degree or where funding will be coming from. When I think about summer classes, I think about taking online classes to maintain my flexibility while continuing my education.

Online classes offered at Northwest Vista give us the freedom to study however our schedule see fits, it could be at 2 am or 3 pm. Online classes offered during the summer allow you to complete coursework while maintaining a healthy balance so you are able to spend time with your family and still have time to get work done.

Many people always assume that they will be extremely busy and will not have time to do the work, but if you pace yourself and manage your time wisely, you will be ahead when the fall semester rolls around. Taking classes in the summer is also a great way to get ahead and graduate earlier than expected. Even though classes are online the summer months allow more one-one-one with instructors since there’s fewer students enrolled in the summer.

Don’t think of summer courses as being hard and a waste of time, look at it as an opportunity to continue your education and graduating faster. To learn more about summer registration and deadlines, go here: http://www.alamo.edu/main.aspx?id=61032

By NVC Student Percy Bustamante Gooden

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