Let Your Advisor Help with Bumps in the Road

Going back to school was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made as an adult. These days, there aren’t many well-paying jobs out there that do not require a degree or specialized training of some sort.

However, life tends to throw curve balls at our plans for a better life. Not to deter us from our path but to prove to us how much gumption we have to achieve our goals; even if that means taking a break again.

This semester, life threw one of its curve balls at me. I found out towards the beginning of the fall semester that I was pregnant. Even with a rocky beginning to this pregnancy, and some professors who gave me more than enough leniency than I imagined, I persevered through.  Now, I have an even bigger decision on my hands. I already have two older children and now I’m adding a third into the mix. Did I want to add school work on top of learning how to adjust to life with two kids and a newborn? Would I have the time I needed to devote to school? I have so many questions flowing through my head and absolutely no answers. So where does that leave me?

I made an appointment with my advisor to go over the logistics of taking a break from school, but the one question was, how long of a break I needed to take is a question only I can answer. I know I won’t lose my credits I’ve earned or the grades I’ve received but I’m afraid I might lose some of the gumption I have to complete school. For now, I plan on only taking two semesters off to give me time to adjust to the new direction life is taking me and I feel like that is enough. I’m just hoping that when the time comes to re-enroll, I won’t have anymore curve balls thrown my way for a while!

As with any concerns about school, go talk to your advisor or any of the ones available. They’ve seen and heard just about every situation and know how to help you fit school around the bumps in the road.

By NVC Student Jessica Longoria